Jackfruit | Kampala, Uganda

Jackfruit looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, tastes like a mixture of Juicyfruit gum and Starburst candy, and can weigh up to 100 lbs! This insane-ly delicious fruit is such a mess to prepare, but after our first bite we were all hooked. It is the national fruit of Bangladesh (Wikipedia). Looking back, I should have made photos of the jackfruit tree, as they sometimes had twenty fruits all on the same tree. Quite the sight.

We spent a few of our first days in Kampala, to adjust to the timezone, and prepare as a team for our mission trip out west. Adonai felt like home away from home, and was a perfect setting for us to get ready for what laid ahead. The jackfruit is just one small piece of the many memories we brought from Uganda.

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Jet lag

Jet lag   back from uganda 00001 Jet lag

Accepting the call to go and photograph our church mission trip was an easy decision, but now the hard part of processing everything begins. I made around 2,000 photographs over a two-week period and I feel that there are at least ten different stories to tell within. Jet lag has been taking its toll on my body this week; so for now… please enjoy this beautiful view of the hills of western Uganda.

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Hello from Africa! We  arrived safe and sound, and are spending two nights in Kampala to adjust to the timezone and prepare for our mission in the western region of Uganda. The food is excellent and the people we meet all have wonderful stories to tell.

I will post updates more often on Instagram and Facebook, so if you’re keen to see the latest and greatest follow me on there. When we can, our church blog will also have updates.

thank you for your prayers,


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