It is nice to know that timeless photography will never go out of style. I was sharing this image with a potential client today and received compliments on it.  Made in 2010, so it’s certainly

Winter & Spring

The winter months in the South have been a great time to take care of business; make more personal work, try new gear and techniques, submit album orders, polish up taxes, renew licenses, as well

The fog on Sullivan’s Island

The fog grew more dense by the minute, but was kind enough to let me make a few frames before everything turned to a sea of grey. It was a peaceful and surreal way to

Dogs of Charleston

To help combat our severe case of puppy fever, I’ve started to document the dog culture around downtown Charleston. Meeting the dogs is great, but meeting their owners is often the best part (yet sometimes

The Ice is Nice

My wife and I took a quick walk through the park this morning. While this might not be the white stuff we were hoping for in Charleston, the ice is nice. To our friends and family


Words alone cannot fully express my thankfulness for having a houseful of family and friends. This was our first time hosting Thanksgiving, so I made a few pictures of the process. We had a wonderful


It truly is beautiful here and I can hardly wait to show you what all I’ve been making in the lowcountry. Write an inquiry and receive a private gallery.